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Podcast Visuals
Mwasi Afrofeminist Collective is a French based collective fighting hard for Black liberation. We work in a non-mixed environment exclusively open to womxn of all gender experiences, femmes, and gender-marginalised people of African and Caribbean origin and descent. Mwasi was founded in 2014 by womxn’s sexual and reproductive health activists dismantling systemic violence against womxn in the DRC.
My Contributions
I've worked with Mwasi Collective on three different projects so far, all involving illustrations. The podcast visuals included the cover and templates for EP covers and EP quotes.

1. Afrofeminist Week 2020 Event Poster
2. Illustrations for commission sections in the collective
3. Podcast visuals for "Les Petites Mamans"
These illustrations of Black womxn across all spectrums was commissioned to represent the different subjects the collective works with; from justice to health care to arts.
Les Petites Mamans is a podcast that gives space a space to speak to the Black older sisters about a range of subject, presented by Anne-Marie Hajja.

"Les Petites Mamans, un podcast qui laisse la parole aux filles aînées noires. Rancoeur, sentiment d’injustice, maternité ou encore le processus de reconstruction, découvrez les témoignages de plusieurs femmes qui se sont retrouvées « mamans » dès leurs plus jeune âge. Présenté par Anne-Marie Hajjar"
Podcast Visuals
Cover / EP Templates