“Providing a platform for newcomers to connect with neighbours would reduce social isolation and promote cultural mix.” 


What is nuhu for?

It’s a website that allows you to connect with people that like the same places you do and do the same activities you like within your neighbourhood.


Who is it for?

It was designed for the sake of newcomers, however it is not meant to be exclusive. It’s meant to be used as a way to make friends, and not for dating purposes even though dating might come out of it.


When would I use nuhu?

Nuhu is a website that is meant to be used before or after being at a spot in your neighbourhood. It’s meant to be used to see who else loves the spot you love and/or arrange to meet up with someone. The design of the app version would limit the user's time online when outside to encourage making plans with other users before heading out instead of being on the phone when the user is already at a spot. 


It can be used when you are new to the city and you are trying to figure out a neighbourhood to live in or to exploring new options when you want to move out from the neighbourhood you currently live in. 


why create nuhu?

Social isolation...


In 2012 a survey discovered that social isolation is an issue more prominent in Vancouver than homelessness or housing prices. It appears that part of the problem is caused by the inability to make friends in the city and/or not knowing the neighbours
(Vancouver Foundation, 2012).


A second finding was made from a survey done 2014, that showed a “link between social isolation and recent immigration. About one in two socially isolated respondents are recent immigrants having arrived in Canada less than five years ago.”
(Vancouver Coastal Health, 2014).


Definition: the virtual absence of interaction with others, outside of that required to perform basic life functions–eg, food shopping, transportation, work, and entertainment.

McGraw-Hill Concise Dictionary of Modern Medicine (2002) 

Overview of nuhu website

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