First Logo

The different representations of the aspects of East Bay Resort that became part of the logo. Followed by the first logo iteration which was hand drawn and then vectorized.

The brochure unfolds completely to be used as poster with panoramas of the resort's surroundings


  • Customers that seek crowds.

  • Uninterested in discovering unexplored territory or prefer exploration of a back-packing, very low budget nature.

  • Prefers well beaten paths, typical resorts adjacent to sprawling urban development.

A Client with Rugged Edges and Distinguished Tastes:

Active Pioneer, Affluent Escapist and Explorer

  • Couples, singles and families that seek the escape from the mundane, the noise, crowds, to seek the exotic.

  • They go farther than the everyday Caribbean tourist, sometimes audacious but always comfortable.

  • They escape to a place with history and untouched beauty in plain sight, they take active part in exploring it.


by Peter Gikandi

Video by Peter Gikandi




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