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Alfavè is a typography project based on the Haitian vodou symbols called vèvè which represent different spirits

Challenges created by creative online communities are often a source of inspiration, motivation and discovery.

36 Days of Type is one of those challenges, taking something as "simple" as the alphabet and making it our own whether you are an illustrator or designer. This is how Alfavè came to life.

The fact that it lasted an entire month got the attention of many in the Haitian community. Having them waiting to see each letter day after day definitely pushed the project forward. 

References with the help of Pyelila
and Nancy Turnier Ferere's book on 


By the end I was being asked about t-shirts and font. Then understood it needed to be more than just an image on IG. 

Woy Magazine
"We here at Woy have been obsessed with Corine Bond’s Alfavè collection which correlates the alphabet with Vodou vèvès. And now we’re happy to report that there’s an online store to purchase merchandise created with the artwork. Hurry up and get yourself a tee (or two)."


Tee Modelled by AlCol

Alfavè is available on T-shirts, Mugs and Tote Bags

Typeface available soon!
Info on the meanings in progress

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