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Corine is an illustrator & creative
graphic designer.

editorial design & 

Typography Shortlist

Alaso From Nègès Mawon
Feminist Editorial Design & Illustrations
Publication based in Haiti / #1 Rezistans & #2 Borders
Mwasi Collectif Projects
Event poster, illustrations, podcast cover and EP covers.
Alfavè Typography
Project based on Haitian Vodou symbols called vèvè - created during 36 Days of Type 07 (2020) - Shortlisted for ADC 101 Award
Loto 509 Typography
Project based on Haitian Loto & Public Transportation Letters - created during 36 Days of Type 08 (2021)
Short Film Poster: Sans Titre
Short film about the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti. Posters is handdrawn and digitally edited.
Short Film Poster: Mother Tongue
Digital illustration based on movie still, original illustrated background pattern added.
Step UP Books
Vietnamese to English learning book designs.
Digital illustrations created on Illustrator or Affinity Designer.
Traditional illustrations in fineline markers.
Older projects [ 3 years+ ]

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